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The conversion between two measurements of volume is given by:


where F is the conversion factor given by:

F=frac{unit_{from} converted to m^3}{unit_{to} converted to m^3}

The conversion factor is the relationship between the two volume units, you are converting between. In order to find this relationship both units have to be comparable, that is, they must be converted to the same unit, for instance gal, yd3 or m3. It doesn't have to be m3 like in the formula above.

The bottom line is, if you just know the given units’ relationships to one specific unit, you will be able to convert between them.

See the tables of the different volume units below.

You want to convert 15 ft3 to in3

1 ft3=0.037037037037 yd3

1 in3=0.000021433470508 yd3

First you calculate the conversion factor:


That is, if you multiply the volume in ft3 by 1727.99 you will get it in in3


15 ft3 is equal to 25920 in3.

Converting between dry and liquid units

You can also convert between dry units and liquid unit, as long as you know their equivalence. US liquid gallons and cubic inches is a good link between dry and liquid units, because the exact equivalence of 1 gal is 231 in3.

For example, you want to convert 3 quarts (US liquid) to in3.

You know that:
1\:qt (US liquid)=0.25 gal (US liquid)
1\:in^3=frac{1}{231} gal (US liquid)

The conversion factor is:

F=frac{unit_{from} converted to gal}{unit_{to} converted to gal}=frac{0.25 gal}{frac{1}{231} gal}=0.25*231=57.75

Now you can convert the volume to in3:


So 3 quarts (US liquid) is equal to 173.25 in3.

Volume conversion

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Different volume units – metric and US

Volume - metric units - dry

Unit1 cubic kilometer1 cubic hectometer1 cubic dekameter1 cubic meter1 cubic decimeter1 cubic centimeter1 cubic millimeter
Abbreviation1 km31 hm31 dam31 m31 dm31 cm31 mm3
Cubic meter1.000.000.000 m31.000.000 m31.000 m31 m30,001 m30,000001 m30,000000001 m3
Cubic meter in
Powers of 10
Equivalent liquid
measure (exact)
1000000 megaliter1000 megaliter1000 kl1 kl1 l1 ml0.001 ml
Cubic yard1307950619.3 yd31307950.6193 yd31307.9506193 yd31.3079506193 yd30.0013079506 yd30.0000013079506 yd31.3079506193e-9 yd3

Volume - metric units - liquid

Unit1 kiloliter1 hectoliter1 dekaliter1 liter1 deciliter1 centiliter1 milliliter
Abbreviation1 kl1 hl1 dal1 l1 dl1 cl1 ml
Liter1000 l100 l10 l1 l0,1 l0,01 l0,001 l
Equivalent dry
measure (exact)
1 m30.1 m30.01 m31 dm3100 cm310 cm31 cm3
US gallon (liquid)264.172052 gal26.417205 gal2.641721 gal0.264172 gal0.026417 gal0.002642 gal0.000264 gal

Volume - US units - dry

Unit1 acre-foot1 cubic yard1 cubic foot1 gallon1 quart1 pint1 cubic inch
Abbreviation1 acre ft 1 yd31 ft31 gal (US dry)1 qt (US dry)1 pt (US dry)1 in3
Equivalence to other
US dry units (exact)
43560 ft327 ft31728 in34 qt (US dry)2 pt (US dry)0.5 qt (US dry)frac{1}{1728} ft^3
Cubic meter1233.481838 m30.764555 m30.028317 m30.004405 m30.001101 m30.000551 m30.000016 m3

Volume - US units - Liquid

Unit1 hogshead (wine)1 barrel1 gallon1 quart1 pint1 cup1 fluid ounce1 tablespoon1 tea spoon
Abbreviation1 bbl
(US liquid)
1 gal
(US liquid)
1 qt
(US liquid)
1 pt
(US liquid)
1 cp 1 fl oz1 tbsp1 tsp
Equivalence to other
US liquid units (exact)
63 gal
(US liquid)
31.5 gal
(US liquid)
4 qt
(US liquid)
2 pt
(US liquid)
2 cp8 fl oz2 tbsp3 tsp80 fl min
Liter238.480942 L119.240471 L3.785412 L0.946353 L0.473176 L0.236588 L0.029574 L0.014787 L0.004929 L