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A function is way to describe the relation between a set of inputs and a set of outputs.

For example, the price of one piece of chocolate is $2, two pieces of chocolate cost $4, three pieces of chocolate cost $6 and so forth.
The relation between quantity and price can be expressed with the linear function:


where x describes the quantity of chocolate, and f(x) describe the total price.

So f(x) is a way of expressing that f(x) depends on x. If you change x, then the outcome f(x) will change as well.

f(x) is often denoted by y:

f(x) = y

Definition of a function

To each input x in a function there is one and only one assosiated element y.

Concepts related to functions

There are a lot of concepts concerning functions. Here are a few of them:

A graph is a depiction of a function. It is all the points (x,f(x)) or (x,y) drawn within a coordinate system.

The domain is the set of numbers that can go in to a given function. It’s all valid values of x.
Example of how the domain of a function is denoted: Domain=\left\{x\in\mathbbR\right\}

The codomain is the set of numbers which comes out of the function, when the valid values of x are put in to it.
Example of how the codomain of a function is denoted: Codomain=\left\{y\in\mathbbR\right\}

Extreme values of a function
The minimum value and the maximum value of a function is respectively the lowest and the greatest value that can come out of the function.

The outcome y increases, when x increases.

The outcome y decreases, when x decreases.

Graph drawer

Please enter a function, the graph of which you want to draw, and select the maximum and minimum of the input interval.

Examples of how to enter different types of functions:

Proportional function: 1.5*x
Linear function: 2*x-3
Quadratic function: 2*x^2-3*x-4
Inversely proportional function: 2/x
Exponential function: 2*3^x
Power function: 2*x^3

Enter your function here:
min. x:
max. x: