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Converting of area units

The conversion between two area measurements is given by:


where F is the conversion factor given by:

F=frac{unit_{from} converted to m^2}{unit_{to} converted to m^2}

The conversion factor is the relationship between the two area units, you are converting between. In order to find this relationship both units must be comparable, that is, they must be of the same unit, which could be a base unit like meters or yards.

So if you just know the given units’ relationships to the base units, you will be able to
convert between them.


We want to convert 0,23 dm2 to cm2.

According to the tables below

1 cm2 = 0,0001 m2


1 dm2 = 0,01 m2

In order to do the conversion of the area from dm2 to cm2, we need to find the conversion factor, which is the relationship between the two units.


Now you just need to multiply the original area measurement by the conversion factor:

0,23 dm2 converted to cm2 is then:

0,23 dm2 = 100 x 0,23 = 23 cm2

Conversion of area units

From area: 
From unit: 
To unit: 

Metric system

Name1 square kilometer1 square hectometer1 square dekameter1 square meter1 square decimeter1 square centimeter1 square millimeter
Abbreviation1 km21 hm21 dam21 m21 dm21 cm21 mm2
Square meter1,000,000 m210000 m2100 m21 m20.01 m20.0001 m20.000001 m2
Square meter
in powers of 10
106 m2104 m2102 m2100 m210-2 m210-4 m210-6 m2
Square yard11195990.0463011 yd211959.900463011 yd2119.59900463 yd21.195990046 yd20.0119599 yd20.000119599 yd20.000001196 yd2

US-customary units / imperial units

Name1 square mile1 Acre1 square rod1 square yard1 square foot1 square inch
square yard3,097,600 yd24840 yd230.25 yd21 yd21/9 yd21/1296 yd2
Square meter2589988.11034 m24046.8564224 m225.292953917 m20.83612736 m20.092903040.00064516 m2